Modeling Sullivan Building

A 3D model of the Sullivan Building at Salem State University by Joshua Ouellette ’18.

The Salem Normal School opened in 1854 at the corner of Broad and Summer Streets in Salem, Massachusetts. The original building was expanded several times, but there was no room to include a training school where the students could receive experience teaching. In 1893, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts acquired a portion of the Osgood Farm at the intersection of Lafayette and Loring Streets in South Salem to serve as the site of a new campus. The Academic Building – now called the Sullivan Building in honor of President Edward Sullivan – opened in 1896. The training school’s pupils, from kindergarten through third grade, occupied the first floor of the building, and the rest of the building was devoted to the normal school. A separate training school, the Horace Mann Laboratory School, was built in 1913, and Sullivan Building began to be used exclusively by Salem Normal School

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