Sumner Webster Cushing


        Salem State has a long illustrious history filled with predominant men and women, who have gone on to make their mark on the world. Few rival the exquisitely named “Sumner Webster Cushing”.  

    Born in in South Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts, son of Webster A. Cushing and Amanda F. (Hobart) Cushing. Cushing served as the Geography Department Head at Salem Normal School. In the Military, Cushing served as an Intelligence Officer, assigned to the General Staff in Washington D.C. Using his Geography expertease to draw accurate maps and pinpoint enemy positions. Sumner was Scholar and a gentleman, but neither stopped him from cofounding one of Salem Normal School First Fraternities, Kappa Delta Phi.

        Sumner Webster Cushing was born in Ridge Hills (South Hingham), Massachusetts. During his time at Bridgewater, he was a member of the Normal Club as well as the team manager for the football team. He also was president of section B of his graduating class. As a member of Kappa Delta Phi, he served as Vice-President and also served on the Executive Committee. Upon graduating from Bridgewater in 1902, he went on to Harvard and Brown A.M. After receiving his Masters Degree he became an instructor at the Normal School in Salem, Massachusetts (now Salem State College) where he went on to become the head of the geography department and taught for eleven years. Sumner Cushing died on February 28, 1920. He was laid to rest Harmony Grove, Salem.




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