Whitman Lantern Slide Collection

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Whitman Lantern Slide Collection


Lantern Slide Images of China


Images on lantern slides either collected or taken by Whitman


Walter G. Whitman


c. 1926


Salem State University Archives


lantern slides

Items in the Whitman Lantern Slide Collection Collection

Lantern Slide Image 1
A young girl in Chinese clothing. Chinese soldiers or officers are seen in the background.

Lantern Slide Image 2
Chinese Soldiers are seen marching down a street in Nanking.

Lantern Slide Image 3
A Chinese soldier with a woman in western clothes standing behind him.

Lantern Slide Image 4
Ornamental decoration in a Temple.

Lantern Slide Image 5
Colored image of a temple.

Lantern Slide Image 6
Instrumental drums used in festivals and ceremonies in China

Lantern Slide Image 7
Wide shot of a temple in China

Lantern Slide Image 8
An altar in a Chinese Temple