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Dr. Mary O'Rourke's Experience as a Fulbright Scholar in Pakistan, 1955-1956


Welcome to the exhibit of Dr. Mary O'Rourke, fulbright lecturer in Pakistan during 1955-1956. In this exhibit we will examine the three-way impact O'Rourke had on Pakistan, herself and the United States. 

Curated by Mikaela Dionne, Catherine Fuller and Jayda Carey


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In the early 1900s, the United States found itself flooded with immigrants. With all these people came new food, clothing, and traditions. The U.S. government was not oblivious to these changes and they decided they needed to act. The U.S. government worked hard to preserve what was seen as "American" culture and encouraged the acculturation of immigrants. Thus, the process of "Americanization" was born. 

This collection features official documents as well as a first-hand experience of a government-established citizenship course. It explores the question: What did the U.S. government consider necessary to include in the process of Americanizing immigrants during the 1920s and 1930s?

Curated by: Abby Croughwell.

Walter G. Whitman: Ethnocentric Views in China


This exhibit will focus on the travels of Walter George Whitman, a Massachusetts native known for his teaching career, as well as his career as an author. This exhibit examines how Whitman's year long stay in China and his subsequent writings about trip reflect a rather ethnocentric view point of the Chinese culture. The exhibit also considers his views as compared to other American perceptions at this time and the possible reasons behind them.  

Chinese Menus


Chinese restaurants have had a long history in American culture. From the 1800s, Chinese immigrants have been coming to the United States in hopes of a better future. They brought with them music, language, arts, science and foodways. In the small city of Salem, three different Chinese restaurants existed in the first half of the twentieth century. Each adapted in some way to American culture to fit in. 

Curated by: Katerina Hitollari, Brendan Gookin, Jessica Potter, Sandra Joseph