A Fulbright Lecturer in Pakistan

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A Fulbright Lecturer in Pakistan


Mary O'Rourke


An article written for the Boston Globe by Mary O'Rourke


Mary O'Rourke


Boston Globe Articles folder. Mary O' Rourke Procopio papers


Salem State University Archives and Special Collections


October 1, 1955

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"Toting a full-length coat purchased in Rome, while wearing a summer suit of silk and wool, had seemed sensible enough until the door of the plane had been opened in Cairo where we stopped for two hours at midnight. The dark, desert warmth, while not uncomfortable for me in a sleeveless blouse made me wonder if I would ever exist in Karachi until my supply of cotton dresses, traveling by sea freight, would arrive. The same thought occurred as I rode with the Bellizias toward their Karachi home.
My personal worry about clothes ceased abruptly as we passed miles of the most poverty-stricken homes I have ever seen. The families living in the most miserable, make-shift huts are refugees who entered Pakistan from India since partition in 1947."


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