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  • Gildon's poem Canons: or, The Vision (1717) will be corrected and encoded by the students of ENG 715/ENL 530.
  • Spring 2023


Charles Gildon is an under-studied eighteenth-century poet, author, and critic. Writing during the age of Daniel Defoe (author of Robinson Crusoe), Jonathan Swift (author of Gulliver's Travels), and Alexander Pope (author of The Rape of the Lock), Gildon has famously attacked all of these men in print, landing himself on the wrong side of literary history.

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Gildon Digital Edition News

Gildon Digital Edition in Texas A&M "Digital Editions from Start to Finish" Course

The XML from our edition of Gildon's play The Roman Bride's Revenge was used as an example as part of the Center of Digital Humanities Research (CoDHR) course "Digital Editions from Start to Finish."

Linked Early Modern Drama Online (LEMDO) Standards Adopted for Drama

To ensure that this edition will be interopterable with other electronic resources related to early- modern drama, this edition will be updating the XML encoding for all dramatic works to be compatible with LEMDO standards.

New to the Charles Gildon Digital Edition

Four works of Gildon Scholarship in the public domain are now made accessible as part of this edition.

  • Dottin, Paul. Robinson Crusoe examin'd and criticis'd : Or, a new edition of Charles Gildon's famous pamphlet now published with an introduction and explanatory notes, together with an essay on Gildon's life (1923)
  • Cederstrom, Moyle Francis. "Charles Gildon: Critic." University of Minnesota Master's Thesis (1927)
  • Anderson, George L. "Charles Gildon's A New Rehearsal, or Bays the Younger." University of Pennsylvania Doctoral Dissertation (1953)
  • Macintosh, Fred Henry. "Charles Gildon; a study of his work as professional man of letters, creative writer, and critic." Duke University Doctoral Dissertation (1955)

Two New Works of Gildon's Have Been Included

  • The Golden Spy (1709), the first example of the object narrative subgenre in English.
  • Libertas Triumphans (1708), Gildon's poem on the Duke of Marlborough's victory at Odenard.