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From Sustenance to Snack: The History of the Bammy


This exhibit provides a brief outline and history of the Bammy (known also as the Bammie, Cassava Cake, or Cassava Bread), a food that has undergone a historical transformation from basic provision to beloved snack. 

This exhibit seeks to highlight a staple food in the Caribbean, though the focus will be on its history in Jamaica, where, despite global commercialization, this food is still culturally relevant.  

Further, this exhibit draws primarily on sources, historical and contemporary, written and created by, and/or about Jamaicans or those with Jamaican heritage. 

Though this exhibit was not able to offer explicit translations, please acccess this link below to translate any of the included text. 

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The Roots of Cassava Flour

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This exhibit will focus on the where cassava flour comes from. Its history is not acknowledged today. Cassava flour is currently seen as a health food and is written about in blogs for its "trendiness". The Global North is profiting off this product and my aim is to outline and acknowledge cassava flour's roots. This exhibit will seek to educate about how cassava flour comes from the Caribbean as well as how it is used today in the Global North. 

Created by: Devin Johnson

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