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A Botanical History of Yams in the Caribbean

The goal of this exhibit is to present viewers with a botanical history of yams in the caribbean that draws from written sources and cookbooks from the 18th and 19th century. 


Baked Cassava & Bammy Cakes: Overtones of the Global North

Centered around a 19th century cassava entry found in Caroline Sullivan’s The Jamaica Cookery Book, this digital exhibit seeks to present home cooks with a deeper understanding of the historical implications of post-colonial recipes. The project aims to educate those interested in Caribbean cuisine about the pervasive influence of colonialism in the modern era of digital recipes. By presenting an examination of post-colonial cassava recipes alongside with related colonial recipes, paintings, and maps, this exhibit points to the historical and colonial implications that permeate throughout the digital world of contemporary recipes.

From Sustenance to Snack: The History of the Cassava Cake (Evan)

This exhibit is currently under construction. 

Good Gourd: Pumpkins In The New World by Patrick Morse

A multimedia map that spans three centuries (1400-1700) and regions of Central & South America and the Caribbean to illustrate the prominent uses and value that preceded the pumpkin's provision status in the new world. This map aims to emphasize the pumpkin’s usefulness and ceremonial significance that was devalued when it was discovered in the new world, illustrating a metaphor for people stolen from their lives and lands then exploited.

Making Do-Caitlin Provost

This exhibit (which is currently under construction) will focus on highlighting Caribbean women in literature to create a vehicle for the silenced voices of the formerly colonized, indegenous communities, and those who have been historically dismissed.

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Sweet Potato Emails: Yam Migration and the Origins of a Holiday Favorite -Ryan Travis

I began this idea with food as a genre, it's something I've taught in my classrooms and thinking about food comes from. This exhibit starts with a recipe and traces the origin of a holiday recipe back to the roots of this very interesting and often mistaken and misunderstood ground provision. The yam.

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The Roots of Cassava Flour

This exhibit will focus on the where Cassava flour comes from. Its history is not acknowledged today. Cassava flour is currently seen as a health food and trend. The Global North is profiting off this product without knowing the roots of where it came from.