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Sketch including a manioc press and Carib hamacs in the 18th century French Caribbean

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Mazie Miller shows how to prepare Coconut and Cassava Bake.

This is a contemporary Jamaican recipe for pumpkin soup. Traditional Jamaican Pumpkin soup is typically kept whole, but this contemporary recipe recommends pureeing the soup for texture. Although the recipe is specifically for Jamaican pumpkins,…

How to make cassava flour with household tools and items.

An image of ripe pumpkins being prepared for roasting.

This power point is a group research project that shows through genetics that the yam helped develop African culture

D'Caribe Menu

D'Caribe Restaurant
link to menu for D'Caribe, a Dominican Restaurant located in Lynn, MA featuring Yuca based dishes

1 drawing : watercolor and gray ink, 19.2 x 12.9 cm. (sheet) | Rear view of black woman in yard, chickens and thatched roof structure nearby.

An engraved plate depiction of Various plants and fruits from Brazil, including cashews and papayas, from A Collection of Voyages and Travels, London, 1704, v. 2, following p. 138.
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