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The logo for Cynthia Nelson's blog "Tastes Like Home" with her headshot.

A picture of the New York Times 'The Living Section" from 29 June 1994. Highlighted on the picture is the article title, "Dining as the Founders Did" by Florence Fabricant.

A full-page, color advertisement from the pages of "Harpers Magazine" that markets the refrigerator as, "The gift that simplifies housekeeping...and safeguards health." It ends with the slogan, "Makes it Safe to be Hungry."

An article from the 1870 Yearbook of Pharmacy, published by the British Pharmaceutical Conference.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 11.34.46 AM.png
A photo of a section from page 8 of the Jamaica Cookery Book, which reads:
"16. Pepper Pot
Three tablespoonfulls of pure casseripe to every quart of water, cold. Salt to taste.
One handful of bird peppers.
Meat, eggs.
Get an earthen vessel. To…

Shaman objects.jpg
Items and dress used by the Morino River people in Suriname
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