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These exhibits were developed by students in Prof. Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello's Fall 2017 American Studies course "The Global US: 'America' in the World/the World in 'America'"

They would not have been possible without the support, research assistance, and technical expertise of Susan Edwards, Archivist and Library Chair, Salem State University.

The students and their exhibits are as follows:

Stefanie Bennett: Trade Cards: A Marketing Method

Megan Burgess: Americanization in 1919 & 1920

Keila Cox: The Connection Between Americanization Efforts and an Immigration Wave

Suela Diaz: Early American Trade with China

Amanda Eddy: Franco-Americans and Their Influence in Salem, MA

Sabrina Fritz: Pennsylvania German is the New Dutch: Postcards from Salem

Patrick Harris: 1920s-40s: How Did People View Salem in the World?

Toshiro Kamei: Food From China

Cam O'Neil: Mary O’Rourke’s World Travels

Serena Page: World War II Letters

Cristian Recinos: Gender, Massachusetts Residents and WWII

Alexander Rugoletti: China’s Influence on Salem