How Cassava Flour is Made

Early Cassava Processing

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Cassava flour recipe from The Jamaica Cookery Book

Sullivan, Caroline. "Baked Cassava and Bammy Cakes."The Jamaica Cookery Book: Three Hundred and Sixty Four Simple Cookery Receipts and Household Hints. Aston W. Gardner & Co, 1897. Kingston, Jamaica.

HOMEMADE CASSAVA FLOUR | How to Make Cassava Flour

This is how cassava flour was made by slaves and indigenous people. In the video, it mentions that cassava flour could be dried using the sun instead of an oven; this is most likely how slaves and indigenous people would dry the flour. They would also use tools made from natural substances such as rock to grind the flour

Source: Pink Angels Kitchen. HOMEMADE CASSAVA FLOUR | How to Make Cassava Flour. YouTube, 15 Mar. 2018.

Cassava flour processing plant design cassava flour production process

This is how cassava flour is made today. It is mass-produced using heavy equipment. 

Source: Zhao, Amber. Cassava Flour Processing Plant Design Cassava Flour Production Process. YouTube, 22 Aug. 2018.