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Cassava Cake Recipe

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Cassava Cake recipe from Jamaica Cookery Book

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Mazie Miller shows how to prepare Coconut and Cassava Bake.

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Sketch including a manioc press and Carib hamacs in the 18th century French Caribbean

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Screen shot of Cassava Comparison taken from Journal of a West India Proprietor: Kept During a Residence in the Island of Jamaica was written by Englishman Matthew Gregory Lewis

An article or blog post by "Stylecraze" titled "26 Amazing Benefits Of Cassava For Skin, Hair, And Health".

A review of Michelle Rousseau and Suzanne Rousseau's Provisions: The Roots of Caribbean Cooking published in The Atlantic that discusses cassava flour.

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Cassava Flour from Whole Foods priced at $17.99

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Flour from Whole Foods priced at $2.69
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